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Why rely on Pontifex?

We get it, we're not the only company to do what we do, so here's why we think you should pick us!


We Embrace Open Source

Pontifex Technologies is always about looking for innovative and reliable solutions without the extreme cost factor. This is why we love open source projects and we use various open source softwares on our platform too.


Privacy Comes First

Pontifex Technologies has a very strict policy about privacy to ensure that all of our customers and their clients are safe. We never sell your data to third-party advertisers and give you the right to delete your data at any time.


Security & Safety

Security and safety is a huge deal when being on the internet, and we don't take it lightly either. Pontifex invests in making sure your data is secured everytime you are using one of our products. We use various techniques to achieve that such as 265 Bit AES Encryption and mitigation filters.


Independently Owned

Pontifex Technologies operates on our own equipment and do not rely on others*. Plus, we're dedicated to this company and its operations and will never plan on giving it away. We stand by that.


Excelled Support

We know, things can go very wrong very quickly, we've been there before. This is why our support team is very dedicated to what they do. Got an issue, or are you concerned about something? We're always here to help no matter what the issue is.


99% Uptime & Reliability

Uptime and reliability are very key parts when running wide-scale applications like this. We want to make sure that no matter what the case is, it is always operational and functioning as it should. If it's a livestream, we make sure to have a backup server ready to swoop in at any time.

*We rent out equipment from third-party providers in compliance with our ToS. For further inquires please email us at [email protected]

Our Key Features

As a provider, we have many many features that we offer, but here's some of our top picks!

Pontifex Flexible Networking
Pontifex Enhanced Security
Pontifex Always Backed Up

Latest News

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Core Updates

Our expansions across Europe & the UK

We've grown quite far these past few months, enough to grow our footprint to Spain, Germany and Northern England..

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Team Updates

Welcome DanCodes to the Pontifex Team!

Give a warm welcome to our newest member, DanCodes, the Chief Systems Engineer.

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